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Our Future Plans


While we are getting by at the moment in our facilities at The Landing, we are looking toward the future and shooting for the stars! We will soon be officially starting a Capital Campaign to raise funds to purchase or build our own facility. Our building plans include ample housing and quarantine facilities for our birds, complete with indoor/outdoor enclosures. Sanitation and ease of maintenance will be key in the design. We also plan to include a food storage and prep kitchen, cage and accessory cleaning area, laundry, office space for administration and adoption interviews, a large meeting room(s) for a variety of classes and seminars, and a separate storefront and warehouse for the new MAARStore.


In cooperation with our goal of helping people provide the best possible homes for captive parrots and other birds, MAARS is planning to open a walk-in and online store. This store will carry the very best bird care available: nutritious foods, books and magazines, toys, perches, cages, accessories, clothing, and gift items. All net profits will go to help support the care and health of MAARS birds.

Education & Outreach

We are in the process of developing several traveling educational programs for children and adults about proper captive bird care, birds in the wild, and captive bird homelessness. Eventually, we would like to offer these classes on a regular basis at our new facilities. Please visit our Captive Bird Care Education Services page for updates.

Help Us Reach Our Goals!

Although we keep hoping to win the lottery to raise funds to reach our goals, realistically, we need your help! Donations of funds, supplies, equipment, time, and expertise are very much needed! Please visit our Help Us page for ideas on how you can help MAARS move toward the future and make a difference for homeless birds in our region.

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