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Buddy - Quaker Parrot (Photo © 2003 Tina McCormick)Buddy

Buddy is a Quaker Parrot who arrived at a large, well-funded Twin Cities humane society in July 2003 in a tiny, filthy cage. He had a bloody gash on his neck that was reported to be self-inflicted. Having no available resources to treat Buddy's condition, shelter employees requested that MAARS take him and provide the care he needed. We treated him with antibiotics and a topical medication to promote healing. Within a few days, Buddy was feeling much better and looking for love.

Like all Quaker Parrots, Buddy can be pretty vocal and territorial. He calls back and forth to the other Quakers at The Landing. While his house is being cleaned and his food and water changed by the staff, he fluffs up his feathers, rocks back and forth and yells to show them who is king of his castle! Buddy has not been part of the MAARS flock for very long, but we hope that he finds a friend amongst all the other Quakers at The Landing now or those scheduled to come in over the next month. He has already made many friends among the staff and Volunteers who appreciate his tenacious, scrappy Quaker nature.

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