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Candy - Mollucan Cockatoo (Photo © 2004 Tina McCormick)Candy

At one time, Candy, a Moluccan Cockatoo, flew free in the forests of Indonesia. She foraged for food, roosted in trees, bathed with rainwater, and called to her flock. Perhaps she had a mate and nurtured and raised their chicks. Or maybe she was merely a fledgling when she was ripped from her world and thrown into ours.

Many years later, Candy was left at a local humane society that placed her with MAARS because of her need for extensive, specialized medical care. Due to poor living conditions and neglect, Candy had plucked or chewed off almost every feather on her body and was self-mutilating, causing a chronic, open wound on her breast. This type of self-injurious behavior is not uncommon in captive, intelligent, wild animals — even those raised in captivity. The cumulative stress of living in an unnatural environment can cause serious health problems, dysfunctional behavior, and mental illness. For Candy, just perching and climbing can be a challenge. She is significantly disabled by her lack of tail and flight feathers, severely atrophied wing muscles and ligaments, and immobile joints — the result of too many years in a cage too small to contain her wild spirit.

Thanks to MAARS, Candy has had surgery to repair the damaged tissue on her breast. She will receive long-term medical treatment and physical therapy in an attempt to alleviate her discomfort and improve her quality of life. So far, she has progressed remarkably well without any self-injury and is actually growing many new feathers!

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