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Eileen McCarthy - Executive Director, MAARSMessage from the Executive Director

Thank You for Five Years of Change for Birds!

It is said that the one constant in life is change. We are often unaware of change as it progresses on a daily basis; at times it seems to have occurred overnight and at other times it seems as if nothing has ever changed. We are sometimes surprised by change and at other times frustrated that there is so little change. But when one has the opportunity to step back and view things in a broader perspective, change is clearly evident. Since MAARS reached its fifth birthday this summer, I've been reflecting on how the past five years have brought about enormous, positive changes for MAARS and avian welfare overall.

In fact, the progress MAARS has helped make is truly awe-inspiring! Five years ago, the issue of displaced captive birds was largely unrecognized in the humane community or by the public. Today, captive birds are included on the agendas of many national animal advocacy organizations and conferences. Veterinarians, humane societies, municipal shelters, animal control agencies, law enforcement, and legislators have all begun to recognize the complex challenges of caring for captive parrots as the population of the displaced, unwanted, abandoned, neglected, and abused continues to grow. MAARS has been in the forefront of many significant gains; success has been achieved — and many avian lives saved — because YOU have supported MAARS!

Here, in this issue of MAARSianChronicles, we are proud to share with you some of the latest highlights of MAARSian life, work, and play:




Katie K9, professional dog trainer and host of the The Katie K9 Show on WFMP/FM 107.1 radio, will host MAARS' Fourth Annual Gala Benefit Cocktail Hour, Dinner & Silent Auction celebrating MAARS fifth birthday on Friday, November 5, 2004, at the beautifully elegant Radisson Plaza Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. The evening will feature sultry jazz, fabulous silent and live auction items, an elegant gourmet dinner, a captivating slide show, and many raffle items. As a MAARSianChronicles subscriber, you are invited to purchase tickets at the reduced $50 rate through 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 29! Tickets are $65 thereafter. So, HURRY! Get your tickets now!




After the U.S. Department of Agriculture agreed in a 2000 court settlement to include birds, rats, and mice under the Animal Welfare Act, lobbyists for the research industry pressured Congress to amend the Act to eliminate birds and virtually all mice and rats bred for research from the definition of "animal" under the law. However, some birds, rats, and mice are still covered under the law. The USDA has requested public input before it proposes the necessary new regulations. MAARS has been instrumental in composing comments supported by the Avian Welfare Coalition (AWC) and other humane organizations. This is the most significant development affecting birds since the Wild Bird Conservation Act was implemented in 1992. Click here to learn more and find out what YOU can do!




Veterinary students from the University of Minnesota visited The Landing recently to learn more about the issues of avian welfare, why birds are surrendered to MAARS, avian health and wellness, behavior concerns, and how they, as future veterinarians, can better serve their avian patients and clients. MAARS vet, Dr. Vicki Schulz, lead the class through the rigors of the two four-hour on-site classes, demonstrating the avian exam, handling, and common diagnostic and supportive care procedures. The students then had the opportunity to collect history and perform exams on MAARS birds with health or behavioral conditions. Vet tech students from Argosy University and Minnesota College of Business/Globe College also visited The Landing recently as part of their training. Their visit was focused on how they can assist veterinarians, provide information to clients, and relate to avian patients knowledgeably and comfortably.




Patronize your nearest Chuck & Don's Petfood Outlet! Chuck & Don's has eleven stores in the Twin Cities metro area selling high-quality food, supplies, and other merchandise for your non-human family members. Chuck & Don's fully supports the missions of MAARS and other rescue and adoption/placement organizations and does not sell birds or other live animals. Choose the humane alternative and support them with your business! Click here to read about MAARS Adoption Days at Chuck & Don's!

MAARS and the birds thank you for your ongoing support of our organization and the positive changes we have helped to bring about in avian welfare throughout our country and the world! The changes you support have improved — and will continue to improve — the lives of many parrots and other captive and wild birds.

Eileen McCarthy

Executive Director, MAARS


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