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Fred - Quaker Parrot (Photo © 2000 Tina McCormick)Happy Landings

Ethel & Allison

Less than a year after it was founded, events of the Summer of 2000 established MAARS' role in the avian rescue world. A small town in southeastern Minnesota, Oronoco, was the scene of one of the worst cases of animal neglect ever to be seen in that area. In total, 61 birds ranging from cockatiels to macaws were confiscated by authorities from hideous conditions — stinking, rotting and moldy food, maggots, animal feces, evidence of mice and rats. The captive exotic birds were turned over to MAARS to be adopted out as part of an agreement between the accused and county authorities. This is where we first met Ethel.

Ethel and her mate, Fred, were two Quaker Parrots from this unfortunate flock of birds. As feisty as can be, Ethel and Fred protected their cage from all intruders, yet they could not protect themselves from the problems found in their bodies. It was soon discovered that both Fred and Ethel frequently experienced seizures, leaving them temporarily frozen and unable to move. Although the seizures were not life-threatening at the time, the MAARS Board of Directors decided that Fred and Ethel would not be placed in a home, but instead would live at The Landing until a suitable sanctuary could take them in. Unfortunately, Fred died in 2003 and never got a chance to see this dream come true.

Now alone, Ethel showed little interest in life. She sat in the bottom of her cage, barely interested in any activities around her. She was sad and lonely, and MAARS caregivers knew that something had to be done for her. One day a Quaker Parrot named Allison was introduced to Ethel, in hopes of cheering her up. The two hit it off instantly and became best buddies. They preened each other, chattered up a storm, and joined forces in protecting each other from all cage intruders. The matchmakers at MAARS had been successful.

Lurch and Patrick - Blue-crowned Conure and Nanday Conure (Photo © 2004 Tina McCormick)On October 14, 2004, Ethel and Allison took yet another huge step with each other. Along with Patrick and Lurch, two conures, they joined their former flock members, Mandy and Mango, at Home For Life, a sanctuary in Wisconsin designed for the lifetime care and sheltering of dogs and cats who are unable to find homes. Mandy and Mango, two very rare Slender-billed Conures, had moved to Home For Life the Summer of 2004. MAARS needed to be certain that they would never come into selfish hands and be forced to breed, a guarantee that Home For Life could honor.

Executive Director, Lisa LaVerdiere, not only offered her personal support to MAARS and its mission, but also a forever home for MAARS birds awaiting sanctuary. Home For Life offers a unique type of care — animals are given day-to-day direct care by people, yet still allowed a sense of freedom that conventional shelters cannot offer. Their facility is now not only home to over 130 cats and nearly 50 dogs, but also 6 birds. They will live out their days in this wonderful place — free to fly in and out of their cages, to feel the warmth of the sun in the outdoor aviary, and to never have to worry about being harmed again. Think of them from time to time, and how wonderfully they are doing. We sure will!


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