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Volunteer Spotlight

Gala Benefit Committee – Linda Velasco, Marcie Halfmann, Gina Thomas

This year MAARS celebrates its fifth birthday — a milestone for the organization and an accomplishment for the Volunteer Staff who have made it possible. This month we would like to recognize Linda Velasco, Marcie Halfmann, and Gina Thomas of the Gala Benefit Committee — individuals who gone above and beyond to make this annual autumn fundraising event a success!

Linda Velasco

Linda is a veteran of the Silent Auction/Gala Benefit Committee, having served as a key member every year since its creation. Her willingness to serve and ability to lead have made her invaluable to MAARS. Over the months preceding each event, Linda has diligently worked to procure contributions and items for the auctions, to make the necessary arrangements with the facilities that host the event, and to generate publicity that ensure successful fundraising for MAARS. This involves a tremendous amount of time, a sacrifice that Linda has made over and over to support MAARS in its mission.

Marcie Halfmann

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is Super Marcie! This incredible, fun-loving woman has been providing care for the MAARS flock for five years. Her sense of humor and nurturing instincts are a delightful addition to any shift that she volunteers on at The Landing. Marcie is always looking for a way she can help out, and the flock at MAARS benefits greatly from her presence. She has served on every Silent Auction/Gala Benefit Committee since MAARS began, creating gorgeous centerpieces and decorations and soliciting multitudes of auction items, always with a smile on her face and a cheerful disposition. There are no cloudy days when Marcie is around.

Gina Thomas

This is Gina's first year on the Gala Benefit Committee, yet that is not evident. After volunteering with her daughter, Ally, on the Friday morning shift for nearly a year, she was approached to undertake this important event. Gina has stepped into her position with ease. Her background with high-end cosmetic companies and her personal experiences with fundraising have combined beautifully. This year's Gala Benefit will offer the highest number and quality of auction items ever seen. This working mother of one daughter and two birdies (adopted from MAARS) is one amazing lady.


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