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Message from the Executive Director

Eileen McCarty, MAARS Executive Director

Eileen McCarthy, MAARS Founder & Executive Director

PETCO and PETA Raise Bar for Pet Industry…

Dear Friends:

After months of negotiations, PETA announced on Tuesday, April 12, 2005, that they had reached an agreement with PETCO corporate leadership: PETA will call a halt to its long-standing anti-PETCO campaign and PETCO will discontinue the sale of large birds in its stores nationwide. In addition, PETCO has agreed to improve the educational care sheets provided to customers, promote larger cages for the birds they continue to sell, and promote the adoption of displaced captive parrots through collaboration with local avian adoption organizations. Some positive changes in the housing and marketing of rats and mice sold by PETCO were also included in the agreement.

High-profile efforts to improve the standards of animal care and end live animal sales at corporate pet stores have been mounted by many organizations and individuals in recent years, including the Avian Welfare Coalition (AWC) and Animal Protection Institute (API). PETA committed enormous resources to its anti-PETCO campaign, and its pressure and persistence paid off. In an unprecedented statement, Bruce C. Hall, PETCO President and Chief Operating Officer and President of the non-profit PETCO Foundation announced that ending the sale of large birds would be only part of the corporation's progressive leadership in the pet industry.

Hopefully, retailers and others in the pet industry will follow PETCO's lead and reassess the price of profit. There is no such thing as free, no money tree filled with happily singing birds; someone always pays and animals often pay with their lives. While there are many miles yet to go in rectifying the problems associated with the trade in live animals, this is indeed a milestone. Please join me in extending our gratitude and praise to everyone at PETA and our sincere thanks to PETCO for doing the right thing.

Please contact PETCO and PETA to thank them for taking this step in the right direction:

PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.

Customer Relations Team

9125 Rehco Road

San Diego, CA 92121

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Fax: 1-858-784-3489


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

501 Front Street

Norfolk, VA 23510

Phone: (757) 622-PETA (7382)

Fax: (757) 622-0457



Best wishes,

Eileen McCarthy

MAARS Founder & Executive Director


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