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Volunteer Spotlight

Liz Alt

Liz Alt's
SuperStar Stats

Placement Counselor
Recently joined the Placement Committee and completed her first placement of two cockatiels last month

Through a program at work, Liz has raised almost $24,000 over four years!

Liz's flock includes 3 Blue and Gold Macaws, 1 Patagonian Conure, 8 finches, 1 canary, 2 cats, and 7 fish

Meet Liz Alt: MAARS SuperStar!

by Jamie McCarthy, MAARS Director of Staff Training & Education / Placement Counselor

Liz Alt came to MAARS like so many of our Volunteers, wanting to learn more about caring for birds before bringing one into her home. In the summer of 2001, Liz had fallen in love with a cuddly Moluccan Cockatoo at a local pet store. She asked her vet, Dr. Vicki Schulz, what she thought about bringing a cockatoo into her home.

Dr. Schulz, who is guardian for two MAARS cockatoos, JayDee (a female Moluccan) and Einstein (a male Umbrella), knew first-hand the challenges of caring for and living with these birds. She suggested to Liz that she volunteer at MAARS to get a better understanding of what birds need, and the commitment required in caring for a LOUD, MESSY bird that could potentially live 60–80 years.

Liz was nervous about coming to MAARS. Going to animal shelters was always a difficult, emotional trip for her, and she thought MAARS would elicit the same reaction. When she arrived at The Landing for her orientation session, she felt the positive energy — birds were out of their cages, Volunteers were laughing with them (and at their antics!), and the Volunteers seemed committed to making the birds happy — and, luckily for us, Liz thought the noise and commotion looked like fun.

Very early in her volunteering Liz discovered an important fact about herself: she is "a macaw person, not a cockatoo person!" She is grateful that she volunteered with MAARS before bringing a large bird into her home because she now has a flock that is suited to her lifestyle. Since volunteering at MAARS, Liz has become guardian for three Blue and Gold Macaws — Lucky in May 2002, Merlin in September 2003, and Paco in February 2005 — a Patagonian Conure named Bud, and eight finches. Her flock also includes a ten-year-old canary, two cats, and a large aquarium of fish.

The more time Liz spent at MAARS, the more she wanted to find other ways to help take care of the birds at The Landing. Liz took advantage of a program at GMAC-RFC, where she works, which encourages employees to volunteer in their communities by paying the organizations for the time that their employees volunteer. Through this program, Liz has helped raise close to $24,000 over four years for the MAARS flock — that's a lot of bird food!

We encourage all of our Volunteers and supporters to inquire at work about similar volunteer and donation matching programs. It is a great way to increase your support and help MAARS continue its important work. The money that Liz has raised has gone to provide medical testing for new surrenders and ongoing medical treatment for those birds who need it; it has helped to offset the cost of sending MAARS birds to permanent sanctuary placement; and has been used to upgrade the shelter facilities at The Landing to buy full-spectrum lighting and a water filtration system.

Liz has also recently joined the MAARS Placement Committee. For over a year, Liz served as an informal member of the Committee (although she didn't know it). Committee members would often solicit her advice on a specific bird or ask her to meet with a potential adopter, especially those interested in macaws. Liz's no-nonsense approach and experience made her a valuable resource to the Committee. After helping with the placement of Zac, the Scarlet Macaw, we convinced Liz to join the Committee formally.

With her outstanding fundraising record and roles as Shift Manager and Placement Counselor, Liz helps make MAARS a success every day. Her work and dedication on behalf of the flock make Liz a MAARS SuperStar!

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