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Message from the Executive Director

Eileen McCarty, MAARS Executive Director

Eileen McCarthy, MAARS Founder & Executive Director

MAARS Hits the Ground Running in 2006!

Dear Friends:

Greetings from MAARS! Since the New Year commenced, we MAARSians have hit the ground running! We are very excited about our plans and goals for 2006 and are eager to make them a success. Throughout the year, we will be keeping you informed of MAARS activities and events, new programs and campaigns, as well as community outreach efforts through the MAARSianChronicles and now, a new MAARStore Updates mailing list where you can subscribe to be the first to hear about special sales, new items, and Open Houses.

In this issue of MAARSianChronicles, the "Feathered Feature," "'Factory Farming' Approach Takes Toll" by Mira Tweti, looks at the problems in the parrot breeding industry. In the "On the Wild Side" column, "Naturalized Quakers: Strangers In a Strange Land" recounts the recent plight of naturalized Quaker Parrot colonies in Connecticut and explores the controversial issues surrounding exotic species living in the U.S. — both articles should provide plenty of food for thought!

The "Avian Health & Wellness" and "Take Action for Avian Welfare" columns offer resources for you to turn to with questions and concerns regarding Avian Influenza, and what you can do if you suspect avian/animal abuse, neglect, or distress.

We hope that you will help us kick the year off by becoming a MAARS Supporting Flock Member!

With best wishes for a happy and healthy 2006!


Eileen McCarthy

MAARS Founder & Executive Director


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