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MAARS Visitor Policy Updated

We need your help! We have begun to formulate our Emergency Avian Care Plan, which would go into effect in the event of an outbreak of disease, such as Avian Influenza, at the shelter and/or in the general population. In this regard, we aim to establish best practices for the field and demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care and operation; to succeed, we must ensure that we can control and limit access to The Landing and the MAARS Flock.

As always, MAARS Volunteer Staff are required to shower and change clothes between home and The Landing, The Landing and home, and prior to any potential exposure to any other avian individual or population. Should further bio-security protocols become necessary, public notices and Volunteer Staff training will be made readily available.

In order to address this issue, the MAARS visitor policy has been revised. We wish to stress that, while such policies and protocols may seem tedious, they are intended to protect everyone — birds and humans alike — and shall be applied to everyone equally. Your cooperation is most appreciated.

Visitor Policies & Protocols


Managers must be notified in advance of any appointments scheduled at The Landing during their shift.


All visitors to The Landing will be required to comply with basic bio-security protocols such as avoiding contact with captive birds, poultry or wild birds prior to their visit.


Unannounced visitors to The Landing will be respectfully and politely greeted, but their request to visit at that time will be declined; they will be advised to make an appointment.


Visitors are not to be permitted to enter the bird rooms without explicit advance arrangements.


Visitors will not be left unsupervised at any time during their visit to The Landing.


MAARS supporters who stop at The Landing to pick up a purchase or place an order from the MAARStore will be asked to remain in the reception area or office while a Volunteer Staff member assists them. If there are questions about store items or policies, please contact


All current and former MAARS volunteers wishing to visit The Landing when they are not scheduled on a shift should contact Jamie at to arrange a visit.


All MAARS Adopters who wish to visit The Landing should contact Alayne at to set up a visit.


All former guardians of birds surrendered to MAARS who wish to visit The Landing should contact Galiena at to arrange a visit.

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