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The Austin Air HealthMate™ Series
in Sandstone

MAARStore is Now Selling Austin Air Filter Systems

by Tina McCormick, Director of Operations and MAARStore Manager

The MAARStore is pleased to announce that we're now carrying Austin Air, one of the best air cleaners available on the market.

Austin Air was chosen by the U.S. Government to fulfill the largest deployment of air cleaners in American history and chosen by FEMA and the Red Cross to address the serious air quality concerns in post-9/11 New York. They are also particularly effective in removing the dust created by parrots.

Austin Air cleaners deliver a complete filtration solution, removing a wide variety of particles, sub-micron particles, chemicals, gases, micro-organisms and odors. This includes such things as dust, mold, pollen, tobacco smoke, chemical vapors, gases, viruses, and bacteria.

Austin Air's 360-degree intake system draws air into all sides of the air cleaner, maximizing efficiency and delivering more clean air faster.

Every minute, 250 cubic feet of air is processed by a 4-stage filter that progressively removes contaminants out of the air.

This process enables Austin Air cleaners to:


Achieve the highest levels of performance.


Attain superior air flow rates.


Sustain a longer filter life (5 years under normal residential use).


Increase the life expectancy of the Medical Grade HEPA, the most critical media in the filtration process.


Austin Air offers the following products:

HealthMate™ Series

Best Overall Protection

Designed for people with everyday air quality concerns. The HealthMate™ removes virtually all airborne particles by performing several critical air quality remediation functions. The HealthMate's 4-stage filtration system contains True Medical Grade HEPA and Activated Carbon, eliminating airborne particles, chemicals, odors, and gases.

HEGA Series

Allergies and Asthma

Designed specifically for allergy and asthma sufferers, the engineers at Austin Air have created HEGA filtration — High Efficiency Gas Adsorption. The Allergy Machine's 4-stage adsorption system combines the superior particle filtration of Medical Grade HEPA with the added adsorption capacity of the Activated Military Carbon Cloth.

HealthMate+™ Series

Ultimate Protection

For the chemically sensitive who require the most comprehensive air cleaning solution available. The HealthMate+™ combines superior particulate filtration with advanced gas filtering capabilities to remove more household chemicals, gases, and odors.

Baby's Breath™ Series

Protecting Your Baby's Health

Allow your baby to experience the benefits of clean air and a better night's sleep. The Baby's Breath™ removes airborne contaminants and creates a comforting "white noise" clinically proven to help infants fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

Download an Austin Air Brochure

We're able to ship directly to you in the United States. If you're interested in purchaing an Austin Air air cleaner or would like further information, please contact

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