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Cleaning Procedures

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Download Adobe Acrobat ReaderIt is important that the cleaning procedures are followed completely. These procedures are put into place for the safety of MAARS birds. All dishes are washed and disinfected daily - bacteria growth occurs very quickly in dishes that are contaminated with food and droppings. The disinfection process is to ensure that all bacteria, viruses, etc are eliminated and not transmitted to the birds because soap alone will not sanitize the dishes. The only disinfectants MAARS uses are OxyFresh (for cleaning) and Avitec Oxy-Gene (for disinfecting); these products are safe to use around birds. Never use bleach around birds!

Personal Hygiene

  Wash hands thoroughly with surgical soap and nail brush before handling birds

  Use hand disinfectant in between handling all birds

  Hands must be washed thoroughly with surgical soap after smoking, eating or using the restroom

  After handling any birds or cleaning at The Landing: shower, wash hair and change clothes before handling your birds or any other birds


  Utensils, cutting boards bowls, etc. should be washed with soap, sprayed with Avitec and air dried

  Counter tops and workspaces should be cleaned with OxyFresh and disinfected with Avitec

  Play stands and table-top perches should be cleaned with OxyFresh and disinfected with Avitec after each use

  Use a clean towel to handle every bird then place towel in dirty laundry bin immediately after use

  Shop vac is to be used in bird room - smaller vac used as light touch-up and in office/reception areas only

  Do not leave trash next to dumpster - lock dumpster after each use

Cups, Cages, Toys, etc.

  Water dishes must be washed with hot, soapy water, rinsed, sprayed with Avitec, and air dried DAILY (AM Shift)

  Fruit/veggie dishes must be washed w/hot soapy water, rinsed, sprayed with Avitec, and air dried DAILY (PM Shift)

  Dry food dishes must be washed/disinfected weekly (Sunday Shift) and as needed (PM Shift)

  When cleaning cages, perches and toys around birds, use OxyFresh and paper towels

  Cages must be thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water, sprayed with Avitec and air dried

  Lory cages must be thoroughly cleaned TWICE WEEKLY, all others WEEKLY

  All cages must have papers changed DAILY - make sure paper covers the cage bottom

  Acrylic or plastic toys and smooth-surfaced manzanita perches should be washed in hot soapy water, sprayed with Avitec and air dried as needed and before use with a new cage - cotton rope or fabric toys, wood toys and porous wood perches should only be used for one bird, then discarded

Organizing Cleaning Duties

The goal is to have all cleaning finished as quickly as possible so the rest of the shift can be spent playing and working with the birds!! Cleaning should take 2–3 hours.

This is a very basic outline of what needs to be accomplished:

  Wash, disinfect and refill water/food dishes

  Change papers - When changing papers make sure that you do not touch the birds or their food/water unless you wash your hands. It's very important to keep your hands clean when you're working with birds!!


  Clean cages, perches and toys

  Take out garbage

  All bird droppings need to be cleaned off of the floor after every shift.

This is a basic outline of the steps that need to be taken:

  Use bucket to empty dirty water into (flush into toilet when finished)

  Use blue Rubbermaid bin to put dirty dishes into

  Rinse all of the washtubs and spray down with Avitec before filling with water

  Fill washtub (closest to refrigerator) with hot soapy water. Please use a washcloth to scrub dishes.

  Fill the next washtub with hot water to rinse dishes

  Rinse out the blue Rubbermaid bin in the last empty washtub and spray with Avitec and line with a clean towel.

  After dishes have been rinsed, spray each cup thoroughly with Avitec. This is bird safe and should not be rinsed off of dishes.

Toys and perches can be cleaned with soapy water, rinsed and then sprayed with Avitec.

Before any birds are put onto play gyms or T-stands all "droppings" must be washed off the entire unit with OxyFresh and paper towel and sprayed with Avitec. After the bird has used the equipment it must be cleaned and disinfected again.


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