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General Shift Duties

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Download Adobe Acrobat ReaderThese are the general duties that should be completed during each shift.


  Check in with Shift Manager.

  Shift Manager is responsible to see that all special needs birds are attended to and meds administered immediately following the cage check or at the prescribed time.

  ONLY the Shift Manager is permitted to feed, handle and care for birds in quarantine - please see Veterinary Guidelines & Quarantine Protocols for proper procedures.

  All Volunteers are responsible for informing shift manager of ANY concerns regarding the birds!

  For your information, check medical board for additions/changes. The Shift Manager will be responsible for handling medications.

  All water and vegetable cups must be removed and washed/disinfected. Keep an eye out for any stray dishes.

  Food cups need to be washed, disinfected, and replenished. Please follow cage instructions exactly for proper food, water, and medical care.

  Fresh water and fruits/vegetables or cooked food (rice, beans, pasta, Birdie Bread, etc.) must be given to all birds. Check the refrigerator for the weekly menu.

  All cage papers must be changed. Throw away all "shiny" paper.

  Clean perches, cages, play stands with Oxyfresh and disinfect with Avitec. If very soiled please replace with clean perch. Dispose of all porous wood perches.

  Change out toys if you have time. Acrylic/plastic can be washed/disinfected, discard all used wood toys.

  Pull perches/toys/food cups from empty cages in the basement. Clean and disinfect.

  Put away clean items. If something has been left to dry from the previous shift, please put that away as well. Small food dishes are kept in the labeled bin in the front room, large food dishes are kept in the labeled bin in the back room. There are also bins in the front room for toys and perches.

  Try to clean as many dirty cages as you have time for.

  All areas must be vacuumed (including kitchen and food storage room.)

  Hang fresh plastic in the Lorikeet area if needed.

  Refill food carts and clean up any spilled food.

  Spot clean carpet.

  Quarantine Area - Shift Managers ONLY: remove food and water cups from each cage separately and wash and disinfect, replenish water and dry food, change all papers. Seal garbage and remove.

  Garbage must be taken out nightly. Two people should accompany each other for safety reasons.

  Do a final cage check - make sure all birds have food/water and that cage doors are latched.

  Do a final visual check - Put any stray dishes, perches, toys, newspaper, etc. in their proper places.

  Inform the Shift Manager that you're leaving.

  Log hours in the Volunteer Hours Log Book.

Weekends & Holidays

  AM & PM shift duties are combined into one shift.

  Do not feed fresh fruits/veggies or cooked foods.

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