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Intake Procedures

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Download Adobe Acrobat ReaderThe MAARS Board of Directors is responsible for the intake process from beginning to end. This is to ensure that all necessary documents are complete and proper protocols have been followed. Eileen and Kathy need to be notified of any new birds coming into MAARS including medical and behavioral history and the date and time of surrender; appropriate veterinary care and suitable housing will then be arranged accordingly. Notification of all intakes should be made via e-mail for MAARS records.

  Contact the individual surrendering the bird and assess the urgency of the situation

  Provide educational support, options and contacts to assist with keeping the bird in the guardian's home

  If there is an emergency case:

1) Contact Eileen and/or Kathy who will confer with vet(s),

2) Get the bird ASAP - be sure to obtain a SIGNED Surrender Form (use the one-page version if necessary)

3) Set the bird(s) up in the Quarantine Area of The Landing or suitable Foster Home

  In a non-emergency case:

1) Obtain all medical records and a completed, signed Surrender Form

2) If no medical record/history is available, request that the guardian obtain all tests (at his/her expense) required by MAARS (CBC, chemistry, Chlamydia, PBFD, Pacheco's) and quarantine the bird(s) at his/her home until test results are available (1 week +/- )

3) If the guardian refuses to comply with the above requests, arrange for the bird(s) to go into the Quarantine Area at The Landing or a suitable Foster Home

4) If cage(s), toys and accessories are donated with the bird(s), request that everything be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to surrender

5) Arrange surrender date, time and place

6) Ask for a donation to cover MAARS expenses in caring for the bird(s)

  Notify Eileen/Kathy of the new intake including date and time of arrival and provide any available history

  Notify Shift Managers of the new intake including expected date and time of arrival

  Arrange with Shift Managers and/or other Volunteers for assistance with drop-offs, pick-ups, transportation and/or housing and Quarantine Area set-up

  All cages, carriers, toys and accessories must be washed and disinfected with Avitec upon arrival at The Landing or Foster Home

  All Surrender Forms and related paperwork should be placed in Eileen's file at The Landing

  Interoffice paperwork (pink cards) must be completed for every new bird and filed appropriately

  Kathy/Eileen will arrange for appropriate veterinary exam/testing/treatment

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