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General Policies & Procedures

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Download Adobe Acrobat ReaderAll Volunteers are expected to adhere to the following policies and procedures. Failure to do so may result in termination of your Volunteer privileges and/or activities and could be subject to legal action. All Volunteer suggestions, concerns, etc. should be addressed to the Volunteer Coordinator Group by submitting a completed Suggestion Form or sending an e-mail to

  All Volunteers are required to attend a Basic Bird Care Class (see Volunteer Director for schedule).

  ONLY Shift Managers are permitted to feed, clean or handle birds in the Quarantine Area downstairs. Anyone working at The Landing should remove clothes and shower before handling any other birds. Due to the risk of spreading disease to other birds, and out of respect for others within the avian community, please do not enter pet stores, vet clinics, boarding facilities, etc. after working at The Landing.

  Outside doors are to remain locked at all times. The Landing address/location and phone number is NEVER to be given to any unknown/unauthorized person(s).

  No dumping of trash or debris is allowed outside unless in a designated area

  Injuries to BIRDS or VOLUNTEERS must be reported to a Shift Manager IMMEDIATELY! Shift Manager will advise on emergency action and contact necessary medical professionals. Incident Report must be filed within 24 hours.

  BIRDS MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES when out of cages. Do not take a bird out that you are not comfortable handling and returning to his/her cage.

  Primary duties should be completed before play time.

  BIRDS should not have their wings or nails trimmed without approval from the Shift Manager on duty.

  All Volunteers are responsible for finding replacement coverage if they cannot work their scheduled shift. The Volunteer Coordinator Group should be informed of all schedule changes. You can reach them at If a replacement cannot be found, the Shift Manager should be contacted ASAP.

  Shift Managers must be notified of any appointment scheduled during that shift. Visitors/Volunteers not scheduled for a shift should not be in the bird room!

  Contacts and information regarding rescues, surrenders or animal abuse should be provided to a Board Member ASAP.

  Any information about MAARS business, the Board of Directors, donors, Volunteers, finances, placement decisions, illnesses/injuries, legal action, etc. obtained as a MAARS Volunteer/Representative is CONFIDENTIAL. All MAARS bird histories and medical information is CONFIDENTIAL. Breech of confidentiality is subject to termination of Volunteer status/activities and access to The Landing and could be subject to legal action.

  Potential donors should be provided a brochure and referred to the MAARS website or business phone and their contact info provided to a Board Member. Potential adopters should be referred to the MAARS website ( or business phone ((651) 275-0568), or their contact information provided to a Board Member. Potential Volunteers should be referred to the MAARS website ( or business phone ((651) 275-0568) or their contact info provided to the current Volunteer Coordinator.


  I acknowledge that I have read, fully understand, and accept the General Policies & Procedures outlined above.

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