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Veterinary Guidelines & Quarantine Protocols

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Download Adobe Acrobat ReaderThe following policies and procedures apply to all birds entering The Landing or a MAARS Foster Home. If you have any questions regarding these protocols, or if any Quarantine Protocol is violated, please contact Eileen McCarthy or Tina McCormick. Dr. Schulz or Dr. Shelton will be consulted if necessary.

Veterinary Guidelines

  Each bird's medical records and history will be reviewed and discussed with MAARS veterinarian(s)

  MAARS veterinarian(s) will determine testing to be performed on each bird according to history, species and present condition

  Unless otherwise determined by a MAARS veterinarian, the following tests are required for all MAARS birds: CBC, Chemistry, Chlamydia, PBFD (Greys, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Lories, Lovebirds), Pacheco's (Conures, Amazons, Macaws) - MAARS veterinarians may request additional diagnostic tests at their discretion

  All birds must remain in strict quarantine at The Landing or at a MAARS Foster Home until all test results are received and a MAARS veterinarian determines that quarantine is no longer necessary

Quarantine Protocols

  Upon arrival, every bird entering The Landing or a MAARS Foster Home must be housed in a Quarantine Area unless otherwise determined by a MAARS veterinarian

  Do not wear street shoes into Quarantine Area(s) - separate shoes should be used in Quarantine Area(s) and remain there

  When caring for multiple birds, Quarantine Area(s) should always be attended to last

  Quarantine Area(s) should have a separate air supply (heating/cooling) than the rest of the facility/home and a high-quality air purifier

  When caring for multiple birds in Quarantine Area(s), each bird must be in a separate room or room dividers placed in between birds/cages or birds/cages placed as far apart as possible

  When caring for multiple birds in Quarantine Area(s), Volunteers must wash hands and forearms thoroughly with surgical soap and a nail brush and disinfect with Avitec in between each bird/cage

  After cleaning, feeding or handling birds in Quarantine Area(s), Volunteers must shower thoroughly, wash hair and change clothes before handling any other birds

  In Quarantine Area(s), food/water dishes, toys, perches, etc. from each cage must be removed separately and washed with hot soapy water, disinfected with Avitec, air dried and returned to the same cage

  Birds in Quarantine Area(s) must not have contact with any other birds under any circumstances

  Eileen McCarthy or Tina McCormick must be notified immediately if any Quarantine Protocol is violated

The Landing Quarantine Area

  ONLY Shift Managers are permitted to care for bird(s) in the Quarantine Area

  Volunteers and visitors are not permitted into the quarantine area except under the Shift Manager's supervision

  Do not allow bird(s) out of cage except to administer medication or other treatment(s)

  Do not touch or handle birds unnecessarily

  Only one cage at a time should be attended to (remove/wash/disinfect dishes, feed, change papers) and hands and forearms must be washed thoroughly with surgical soap and a nail brush and disinfected with Avitec before attending to another cage in the Quarantine Area

  All food should be stored in sealed containers

  Floor must be mopped and disinfected with Avitec daily, all surfaces should be washed and disinfected daily

  Soiled towels and other laundry should be stored and washed separately

  Do not bring any items into other areas of The Landing for any reason

  Garbage must be sealed and directly taken to dumpster

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