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The Rescue's Song

by Judith Archer

Will you take me home with you?

I can't promise I'll be good

No one has taught me how to act

Or behave as a parrot "should."

My owner didn't treat me right

He said that I was "bad"

He never forgave me that first bite

After that, he was always mad.

He shoved me back into my cage

And so I started to scream

Then he hit me in a rage

And my life became a bad dream

So now I scream and yes, I bite

I'm angry and misunderstood

But please, please take me home with you

Love me and I'll be good.

Please let me come home with you

And spend some time with me

I can be sweet again I know

Take me home, you'll see.


My first owner swore at me

I learned to say things back

So now my words are crude and rude

Please cut me some slack.

If you let me come home with you

I'll learn some nicer speech

If you are kind and give me time

I'll change my vulgar screech.

I'm really just a baby

And so misunderstood

Please let me come home with you

I can learn to be good.


My owner just HAD to have me

She thought I was "way cool"

But now she doesn't have time for me

She's busy with boys and school.

That's why I began to pluck

I'm not pretty anymore

I won't be much of an ornament

If that's what you're looking for.

I may never grow new feathers

My chest may always be bare,

But my soul I know could heal itself

If only someone would care.


I once belonged to a sailor

Together we roamed the sea

Then he needed some money

So he decided to sell me.

I don't know how it happened

Maybe I'd just gotten "old"

I looked at him with love

He looked at me and saw gold.

So I was sold to a breeder

Who introduced me to my mate

We produced chicks for nine years

I was pleased with my fate

But then I developed an illness

And I could no longer produce

She took my mate away from me

She said I was no use.

You might think that after nine years

I had earned some rest

But she couldn't be bothered to keep me

To her I was a pest.

It wasn't anything I asked for

It wasn't anything I did

She sent me off to an auction

To be sold at the highest bid.

Who will buy a bird like me

Neither breeder nor a pet

It doesn't matter to my owner

She'll take what she can get.

Could you, would you bid on me?

Can I come home with you?

I'd give anything to have a home

Is there nothing I can do?


My last owner died and left me

She said that she'd made plans

But she never followed through on them

And I've fallen into bad hands.

Please overlook my failings

Please end this pain and strife

Please, please take me home with you

I'll be your friend for life.

My owner's kids didn't want me

They called every shelter in town

They've gotten an answer from one

That offered to put me down.

After forty-five years of love

Can this be the end?

Is there no one out there

Who wants a lifetime friend?

Will you take me home with you

And let me be your friend?

Please let me come home with you

I deserve a better end. click here for picture

Please take me home and treat me right

And let our friendship grow

Please let me come home with you

This time it will work, I know.


Copyright 2001 by Judith Archer. Please contact Judith at for permission to reprint this poem.


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