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Responding to Bird Abuse or Neglect

Parrot abuse and/or neglect can occur anywhere these birds are kept or displayed — pet stores, breeders, bird marts, private homes, stores, hotels, restaurants, rescue facilities, veterinary offices, schools, nursing homes, zoos, circuses, labs, etc.

Animal Protection Laws & Statutes

Unfortunately, most states have very minimal laws to protect animals like parrots and other birds. Please review these resources for laws and statutes pertaining to animal welfare in your state:

Anti-Cruelty Statutes

by Rutgers University School of Law Animal Law Project

Current Law and Suggested Approaches to Improving Captive Bird Welfare

by the Animal Protection Institute

Federal Animal Welfare Act and Regulations

by Rutgers University School of Law Animal Law Project

Pet Shop Laws

by the Animal Protection Institute

What is a Bad Petstore?

by the Avian Protection Society

If you have concerns about the efficacy of the animal protection laws in your area, contact your elected officials with your concerns and suggestions for improvement. You can find your representatives via these websites:

HSUS: Contact Information for State Legislatures

The Fund for Animals: Find Your State Legislators

PETA: PETA's Legislative Guide

For hints on how to best impact legislation on animal welfare issues, visit these websites:

Animal Advocacy 101
by Animal Protection Institute

PETA: PETA's Legislative Guide

The Fund for Animals: Becoming a Citizen Lobbyist

HSUS: Citizen Lobbyist Center

Pet Store Abuse or Neglect

If you have witnessed what you feel is inappropriate care, accommodation, or treatment at a pet store (even if it is within the bounds of the laws of your state), please visit the Avian Welfare Coalition's Pet Store Watch page for more information and submit an online Pet Store Watch evaluation:

PETCO Pet Store Watch Evaluation Form

PETsMART Pet Store Watch Evaluation Form

General Pet Store Watch Evaluation Form

Other Bird Abuse or Neglect Situations

If you have witnessed bird abuse or neglect anywhere, keep detailed records of your observations and report the poor conditions or treatment to the following:

Your Local Bird Rescue or Placement Organization

Avian Welfare Coalition: Captive Bird Rescue & Placement Organizations Bird Rescue, Adoption & Sanctuary Groups

Avian Protection Society: Avian Rescue/Sanctuary/Placement Organizations

ParrotChronicles: Bird Rescue Groups

Avian Rescue Network

Your Local Bird Club

ParrotChronicles: Bird Clubs

Bird Talk: Bird Clubs

Your Local Veterinary Clinics

Consult your Yellow Pages or the following websites:

AAV: Find Your Local Avian Veterinarian

AVMA: State Veterinary Medical Association

Your City or State Humane Society, Animal Shelter, and/or Animal Control Department

Consult your Yellow Pages or the following websites:

ASPCA: National Shelter Directory

HSUS: Reporting Animal Abuse and Neglect

National Animal Control Association: NACA Links Page

Letter Writing

If you feel it is appropriate, call or write letters to the business owner to voice your concerns and offer solutions. If the neglect or abuse is occurring in a public venue like a retail store, restaurant, zoo, etc., you may want to write letters to the editor of your local paper if you can't seem to make progress with the business owner. For hints on how to write effective letters concerning animal welfare issues, visit this website:

PETA: Guide to Letter Writing


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