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Captive Bird Care Education Services

Education is essential to successful captive bird care. It provides an avenue for captive bird caretakers to insure a quality life for their avian companions. An educated, prepared person is much more likely to maintain an interest in his/her feathered friend and provide a long-term, quality home.

Although education is the key to a rewarding relationship with an avian companion, it is only successful when everyone involved is willing and committed. Most often, when someone contacts MAARS about a "problem" bird, he/she has already made up his/her mind to surrender the bird. We are just starting to see the large numbers of displaced captive birds in the Midwest that rescue organizations in other parts of the country have seen for years, and the numbers continue to grow nationwide.

Bird Care Classes

MAARS Basic Bird Care

One day of each quarter, representatives from MAARS teach the MAARS Basic Bird Care Class in our St. Paul classroom. This is required for anyone volunteering at The Landing. The class covers the basics of bird care, including how to look for signs of illness, housing and diet needs, and much more. Cost for the class is $20. You must pre-register below or by sending an e-mail to



Classroom Presentations

MAARS will soon be offering presentations for your school, class, club, company, or organization on a variety of topics related to captive and wild parrots. We will post more information on this page of our website as soon as these presentations are available.


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