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Captive Bird Surrender (Intake) Services

There are many reasons why people decide to place an avian companion into an adoption program: Their lives change, they move, change jobs, get married, have children, become ill, or simply learn enough about themselves to realize that they are not a "bird person" or they are not able to give their bird the love, time, attention, patience, and quality of life it deserves.

Is A New Home Always the Best Solution?

Based on our experience, MAARS recognizes that many people can be helped over the "rough spots" in their relationships with their avian companions by offering new information, insights, and resources for coping with the life changes that test these relationships. Unless the situation is extreme or unchangeable, a bird is usually better off continuing to live with its familiar family "flock." However, while it may be possible for MAARS to offer advice in accommodating life changes, surrendering a bird for placement is often the only long-term solution. Although ending a relationship with a beloved companion — even a troubled one — can be very difficult, it is sometimes the best decision for everyone involved.

What Happens to the Birds MAARS Takes In?

All MAARS birds are thoroughly evaluated and treated or rehabilitated whenever appropriate and for as long as is deemed necessary and in an individual bird's best interest. Any bird determined to have a medical condition receives appropriate treatment at MAARS' expense. Nationally renowned and highly respected veterinary specialists and researchers consult regularly with MAARS veterinarians. MAARS maintains detailed files on every bird, including past histories and a record of all tests and treatment(s), concerns, and health or behavioral issues.

MAARS requires that all birds entering The Landing or a MAARS foster home obtain a CBC and Chlamydia PCR Test. All birds also undergo additional tests based upon species and history as follows:

  Lovebird: PBFD (PCR), biopsy for feather-pickers/mutilators

  Cockatiel: Giardia (Elisa)

  Cockatoo, Grey, Eclectus: PBFD (PCR), biopsy for feather-pickers/mutilators

  Lory: PBFD (PCR), biopsy for feather-pickers/mutilators

  Conure, Amazon, Macaw: Pacheco's (PCR)

  Disadvantaged history and/or presenting signs: Comprehensive chemistry, culture(s), x-ray, endoscopy, biopsies, heavy metal toxicity, aspergillus testing (Elisa), and other diagnostic tools/methods

There has been no incidence of illness or death due to contagious disease in any bird associated with MAARS at any time; this is attributable to excellent standards of care as well as good fortune. Every bird entering The Landing or a MAARS foster home is quarantined until all test results indicate that the bird is free of infectious disease. A quarantine area with separate access and ventilation has always existed at The Landing; in the summer of 2001 a second quarantine room was constructed to better facilitate the segregation of new birds. The Landing is also routinely tested for environmental pathogens.

When appropriate, rescued birds — including those with medical and/or behavioral conditions — are permanently placed in new adoptive homes. MAARS insures that these homes are fully aware of the condition(s) and are thoroughly prepared to handle the bird's special needs. Under special physical or psychological circumstances, some rescued birds are placed in a sanctuary situation instead of a a home with people to live out their lives.

For severely neglected or abused birds there may be no happy ending, but we do all that we can to provide love, comfort, care, and a safe place to live. If they choose to fight, we fight with them. If they choose to trust again, we give them our trust. If they choose to be unforgiving, we offer our forgiveness. And if they must leave this world, we allow them their dignity and give them our respect.

How Do I Surrender My Bird to MAARS for Placement in a New Home?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: MAARS currently has a 60–90 day waiting list for all intakes except in true emergencies. If you are considering the surrender of a bird, please contact MAARS as soon as possible!

If you no longer feel you can properly care for your bird and are considering giving him/her up to MAARS for placement, please contact us first to discuss possible solutions and review your options. If you decide to surrender your bird for placement in a new situation, please fill out an Surrender Form in its entirety. The information you provide will help us to determine the needs of the bird and the most suitable environment for its future. You will be required to sign a legal copy of this form at the time of surrender.

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