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MAARS Fall Bulb Fundraiser for the Birds

Prepare your garden for spring beauty and help MAARS at the same time! Now through August 31, 2002, MAARS is taking orders from our Twin Cities area supporters for Dutch Gardens bulbs. 50% of each collection sold goes directly to MAARS.

Dutch Gardens provides the freshest, highest quality flower bulbs available. Additionally, each order comes complete in its own delivery bag with planting and care instructions. There's no risk when you order Holland's finest bulbs from Dutch Gardens. Satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied in any way, just let them know and they will issue a replacement or exchange — whichever you prefer.

These bulbs will be shipped to MAARS in St. Louis Park, MN, in late September and will be distributed in person through our Volunteers at a location convenient to you. We will contact you when the bulbs arrive to arrange pick-up or delivery, or you can contact Krista at (651) 641-7592 to make arrangements.

Thanks so much to our Twin Cities supporters for contributing to MAARS through this fundraiser! Happy gardening!

Supreme Dutch Garden (A)

50 Bulbs for $20.00

Pastel Tulip Mixture (B)

10 Bulbs for $10.00

Angelique Tulips (C)

10 Bulbs for $10.00

Deluxe Tulip Mixture (D)

10 Bulbs for $10.00

Dutch Colossal Daffodils (E)

10 Bulbs for $10.00

Pink Daffodil Mixture (F)

10 Bulbs for $10.00

Deluxe Daffodil Mixture (G)

10 Bulbs for $10.00

Fragrant Hyacinth Mixture (H)

5 Bulbs for $10.00

Jumbo Crocus Mixture (I)

20 Bulbs for $10.00

Lavender Mountain Lilies (J)

25 Bulbs for $10.00

Tall Dutch Iris Mixture (K)

20 Bulbs for $10.00

Asiatic Lily Mixture (L)

5 Bulbs for $10.00

Stargazer Lilies (M)

3 Bulbs for $10.00

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