Silly, a normal grey female cockatiel and her friend Stubby, a pied cockatiel sit wing-to-wing on a rope perch while looking directly at the camera

Support Stubby & Silly

These two have become close friends. Silly is one of our oldest cockatiels at the sanctuary and can be timid. For a...
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A normal grey cockatiel facing a pied cockatiel and preening his head while sitting on top of a cage in front of a green plant and a window.

Support Basil & Chip!

Basil and Chip have been with the sanctuary for about 10 years. They have a small group that loves to hang out...
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Two Polaroid-style photos of cockatiels on a wood paneling background.

Support Skeletor & Kojak!

This playful pair joined the flock in early spring 2019. They were bonded, yet a little bossy to each other when they...
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Support Gus!

Gus is one of our original MAARS flock members. He enjoys his flock time and even after almost 20 years, Gus is...
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