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About Our Team

Along with the members of our Board of Directors and Consultants, other hardworking Volunteers perform the duties that make MAARS tick, including providing care for the birds at The MAARS Landing, transportation, avian veterinary care, grooming, education, consultation, fundraising, administration, and other crucial tasks.

MAARS has more than 60 regular Volunteers and runs twelve shifts per week at The Landing, each shift lasting at least four hours. Therefore, MAARS provides a minimum of 450 Volunteer hours each week in order to provide fresh food and water, clean cages, and socialization for the birds in MAARS’ care. Most — if not all — of the Volunteers, Directors, and veterinarians involved with MAARS also donate additional time and other services out of their dedication to the organization and the birds.

MAARS is the oldest avian welfare organization in the area and we have lots of goals for the future of our group. Volunteers with expertise in administration, grant writing, technology, law, humane work, veterinary medicine, writing, public relations, media, publishing, printing, environmentalism, education, fundraising, business, accounting, construction, maintenance, retail, and other professional areas can help us meet our goals to make a real difference for the birds and people we serve.

A group of people with "Volunteer" shirts on, smiling and pointing at the viewer

Why should I volunteer?

The homeless bird problem is quickly reaching epidemic proportions in our country. MAARS needs lots of help to properly maintain the birds in our care. We cannot in good conscience take in more birds than we can properly care for, so the more Volunteers who participate, the more birds we can help!

We also understand that the key to a long-term solution to the homeless bird epidemic is public education. We rely on our experienced Volunteers to provide this crucial piece in the avian welfare puzzle.

Because we are an all-volunteer organization relying on our volunteers to provide all of the day-to-day care of the flock and because of the time it takes to get to know the flock, we ask that all new volunteers commit to working one regular four-hour shift per week and to make a commitment of at least six months.


If the child is over 14 a parent will need to attend the volunteer training and the captive bird care class as well. For safety, the parent will also be required to volunteer until they and the shift manager are comfortable with the child’s knowledge of the shelter and the flock, and the child may eventually be able to volunteer on their own.

If the child is under the age of 14 a parent or adult will also need to be a regular volunteer.

The physical nature of taking care of the flock including cleaning enclosures, dishes, walls, and floors, means that volunteers should be able to lift at least 25 pounds, bend repeatedly, and perform physical activity for several hours.

All MAARS Volunteers are expected to comply with all MAARS Policies, Procedures & Protocols. Volunteers are provided detailed written information regarding policies and procedures including safety/security and confidentiality, quarantine and veterinary protocols, and daily care/feeding/cleaning for MAARS birds. These policies are reviewed with all MAARS Volunteers during Volunteer orientation.

All Volunteers are required to attend at least one MAARS Basic Bird Care Class; Shift Managers are also required to attend an Advanced Bird Care Class taught by a MAARS veterinary care director.

The Board of Directors also holds Volunteer meetings as needed to ensure that MAARS policies are clear and consistently implemented and to answer any Volunteer questions.

I’m convinced! How do I volunteer to help MAARS?

Note: Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in our area we are limiting the number of new volunteers at the shelter.

Please feel free to fill out the Volunteer Application and we will contact you as we have space available.

If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise to help MAARS, please submit a Volunteer Application. This form is designed to provide MAARS with the information necessary to match you with MAARS Volunteer opportunities. Following a review of your application, a MAARS representative will contact you to discuss your volunteer interests.