Parrots Can Paint!

At MAARS volunteer staff are always looking for new ways to enrich the lives of the MAARS flock.

MAARS was inspired to offer birds at the shelter an opportunity to paint by the work of other captive wildlife sanctuaries and rescues, especially those serving elephants and primates. Not all birds choose to paint or find it to be a stimulating activity, and the skills and interest levels of those who do choose to paint – and enjoy it – vary greatly.

The birds use both their beaks and feet to hold the paintbrushes and put the brush to canvas themselves. When we first began painting with the birds we chose the paint colors for them, but after a few sessions they caught on to dipping the brush into the paint on the pallet and we let them choose the colors they wanted to use.

The birds were very excited seeing the colors come to life on paper, and while there may not be a budding Picasso amongst the MAARS flock, painting provides a new and fun challenge for some birds living in captivity.

Check out some of their paintings below!