Two cockatoos, sitting close to each other on a bird stand

Oscar and Bogie, Umbrella and Bare-Eyed Cockatoos

Each year, millions of exotic birds are sold into the pet trade in the United States and abroad. Their longevity and natural, wild behaviors virtually ensure that an individual bird will need to be placed in a shelter or sanctuary at some point in his/her lifetime. MAARS is here to provide shelter, care, food, veterinary and behavioral treatment, and placement for displaced birds. We need your help to cover the costs of these services.

Since the spring of 1999, MAARS has cared for approximately 1,500 birds, many of whom were never out of their cages until they arrived here. Almost 70 Volunteer staff working twelve shifts per week tend to the daily needs of approximately 85 birds at our Minneapolis/St. Paul area facility, The Landing, providing safe, clean housing, veterinary care, a nutritious diet, and environmental enrichment. On average, it costs MAARS $1.00 per bird per day to meet these basic care requirements and run the organization.

With so little, you can do so much to change the lives of the birds MAARS serves! Every small donation makes a big difference, and big donations help even more. Below you can read about a few of the birds who call The Landing home:
Murphy C2
Sam E2
Bongo Bob