In Memory of Lexi

In Memory of Lexi

Lexi came to MAARS with Tuxi in 2009, surrendered when his owner proactively placed them due to illness. In a previous home, Lexi’s leg had been dislocated and healed improperly, but he never let it bother him. After the loss of his longtime mate we were concerned, but Lexi demonstrated remarkable resilience.

Lexi’s resilience was most evident in his love for flying. The freedom of soaring around the room and exploring every nook and cranny revealed his innate curiosity. He was a mischievous explorer, unapologetically getting into everything he encountered – whether it was plants, other birds’ food, or toys. This exuberant behavior served as a reminder that he lived life to the fullest, embracing each moment with enthusiasm.

Lexi’s journey at MAARS is a testament to the remarkable spirit of animals and their ability to inspire us with their resilience.

He was indeed an inspiration, living as well as he could until the end.

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