In Memory of Miranda

In Memory of Miranda

Miranda came to MAARS almost 20 years ago, surrendered because he was too much to care for. He languished in his previous home as a single bird, frustrated by limited interaction and unreasonable human expectations – all-too-common in captive parrots. He was loud, destructive, and frequently lashed out.

Miranda tended to bond closely to a single human within his new MAARS flock. This intense demand on a single human often set him up for disappointment and anguish. Unfortunately, many of these volunteers would move on from MAARS and he would be left feeling alone and abandoned. A common tragic result of how captive parrots are raised, Miranda didn’t recognize himself as a parrot and was wary of other birds. He identified as human even though so many humans had broken his heart.

Then something happened just a few years ago… He opened up – literally as if a switch had been triggered – and he began actively engaging with humans in healthier ways. Despite our efforts for years to get him to open up to more people and trust other birds, Miranda did it HIS way; he simply needed time in a safe space and began to flourish when he was ready. He was interested in spending time with several humans AND made friends with other parrots! He found delight in running around The Landing with his parrot comrades, relishing in his new confidence and self-determination.

While we are devastated by his passing, we can celebrate how far he came in his time with us. Miranda’s story is one of deep sadness transformed into joy.

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Peacefully Swinging
Bouncing with a Ball!

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