MAARS’ philosophical and political positions are best summed up by the Principles of the Avian Welfare Coalition:

  • Photo of a moluccan cockatoo, flying with wings outstretched, about to land.

    Peaches, Moluccan Cockatoo

    We do not breed or place birds with people who breed.
  • We do not sell, trade, or use birds in our care for commerce or profit.
  • We promote responsible guardianship of all captive birds.
  • We promote education on all issues of avian welfare.
  • We oppose the sale of unweaned baby birds and production breeding methods.
  • We oppose the mass-marketing and selling of birds through pet store chains, bird marts, and internet venues.
  • We maintain that all captive breeding contributes to the displacement and suffering of captive birds and, with very few exceptions, does not contribute to the viable preservation of species.
  • We support and encourage responsible legislation protecting the rights, health, and safety of birds living in captivity.
  • We strongly oppose legal/illegal exportation/importation and encourage all countries to adopt legislation, enforcement, and conservation policies to prevent wild birds from entering captivity.