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Sometimes birds know they’re home the moment they arrive at MAARS. Often these birds have been living with other birds throughout their lives and quickly recognize a safe flock space. Other birds may need a couple of months to really settle in, gradually transitioning into the flock because it’s a novel environment for them.

Some birds, like Wild Bill, make cautious observations over weeks about the avian and human flock, the patterns, the atmosphere… and then all of the sudden – BOOM – they’re home. Billy took the time he needed to figure out the routines, the expectations, and the freedoms of a sanctuary environment, but now it’s like he’s been a part of the flock forever, feeling longer than anyone can remember.

Billy is a sassy, opinionated, very sweet guy. He loves ALL the attention, enjoys destroying toys, and occasionally even plays the piano. Sometimes he may resort to throwing a tantrum because he doesn’t get what he wants, angrily honking at the humans and even resorting to self-mutilation in frustration.

Why does he have tantrums and self-mutilate? Cognitive dissonance. He doesn’t fully realize he’s a bird – he was raised thinking he was a human and he gets frustrated because the rules and the “social contract” don’t make sense. He doesn’t understand why the humans don’t understand. He knows he’s a bird, but he also knows he’s human; we try to help him to reconnect the dots but it can take years to repair the damage captivity directly causes.

While he gets annoyed and frustrated with the humans at times, he’s figuring it all out. His BIG personality will draw you in; you cannot escape his presence. Really, he has made the place his own – Wild Bill runs the show… but don’t tell him that because it will go straight to his head!

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Bill is a Moluccan Cockatoo, a large-size parrot whose costs for food, toys, and medicine are approximately $60 per month or $720 per year. If you would like to contribute to his health and well-being, no matter the amount, please click.


Groovin’ on the piano
Making more music
Practicing his “snow plow”

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