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Cookie & Ernie

Some say Amazons are fiery birds… Humans beware: these two are SPICY! Cookie and Ernie met at The Landing and are fiercely protective of one another. Their raucous laughter can be heard across the building as they chase away the pesky humans!

The companionship of other parrots is the key to happiness for those in captivity, with very few exceptions. With gentle guidance and careful observation to ensure safety, we encourage the birds to choose their feathered friends. A lively pair, Cookie and Ernie are inseparable. They chose one another at MAARS, bonding quickly.
Cookie and Ernie don’t particularly like humans, though they’re more hostile to some of us than others. For some, “hostile” is an understatement: these scrappy Amazons swear at us (in English and Spanish), charge our feet or launch at our heads… riotously laughing at their own antics the entire time.

Sometimes this spicy pair “run a little hot” – too hot to share space well with other Amazons – so protective of one another that they start scuffles. Cookie and Ernie reside in a room of their own, their private “condo” upstairs, where they laugh and swear and destroy all the toys to their hearts’ content, while the humans anxiously giggle around the corner, just out of beaks’ reach.

Cookie & Ernie are medium-sized parrots, the cost for their food, medicine, and toys is approximately $80 a month or $960 a year for both. If you would like to contribute to their health and well-being, please click. Thank you! 

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