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“Come here, come here, come here!” Kai shouts to lure the humans in… and then this prankster skitters away as a joke in typical Goffin’s fashion. Since joining the MAARS flock in 2022, his playful antics are just beginning to break the surface.

Part of MAARS’ focus is to help the resident birds regain their self-determination. While there are always some rules for safety reasons, the birds get to choose who they spend time with, where they want to play, and what they want to do. More often than not, their previous captive environments were heavily restricted; sometimes it takes months or even years to help them learn it’s their choice what they want to do and who they want to be. In Kai’s case, cultivating his autonomy includes encouraging the mischievous hijinks Goffins’ are known for.

Nothing is more rewarding for the humans than seeing the dull flicker in a bird’s eyes become a dazzling sparkle. We’re watching with delight as Kai opens up as he decides who he will become, even if it means leaving utter pandemonium in his wake.

Kai is a medium-sized parrot; the cost for his food, medicine, and toys is approximately $40 a month or $480 a year. If you would like to contribute to his health and well-being, please click. Thank you!

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