Keebler & Mike / Scully & Mulder

Mike & Keebler / Scully & Mulder

Keebler, Scully, and Mulder joined MAARS together in 2022. Sadly, Mulder did not live with us long. Scully is settling in now without Mulder and is learning to trust humans and be part of a bigger flock. Keebler is enjoying flying around the room, landing on the play stands, playing in the plants, and hanging out with Mike. Mike is always up for playing and has been welcoming birds into the flock for more than 15 years.

Keebler, Mike, & Scully are cockatiels, small parrots whose costs for food, medicine, and toys are approximately $20/month or $240 per year (each). If you would like to contribute to their health and well-being, please click. Thank you! 

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