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Lorelei is a newer arrival, joining the MAARS flock in 2022. She has a unique gift: the ability to create a calm, peaceful environment around her, and she has been especially kind to her cockatiel companion, Eddie.

The name Lorelei is of German origin: a nymph whose serene siren songs captivated sailors causing many shipwrecks. While this graceful cockatiel is lovely, she certainly isn’t going to wreck any nearby ships. She has a calming influence on the birds and humans around her, pleasantly chattering with the flock.

Lorelei quietly guides her friend Eddie, a blind lutino cockatiel, peacefully observing the room to ensure his safety. The cockatiels sometimes get into minor squabbles, but Lorelei creates tranquility around herself, helping the little disagreements between birds disappear.

Lorelei is a cockatiel, a small parrot whose costs for food, medicine, and toys are approx. $20/month or $240 per year. If you would like to contribute to Lorelei’s health and well-being, please click below. Thank You!


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