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Despite his name, Rowdy isn’t particularly unruly, but he’s 27+ years old. When not cozied up taking catnaps, he spends much of his time surveying his room from a high perch and scolding those young whippersnappers, both human and avian, as only a wise elder conure can.

Sometimes as humans age we become increasingly set in our ways. This happens for members of other species too, including parrots. At times cantankerous and surly, Rowdy has no hesitation in telling the humans (or other birds) how he feels about the world around him. He isn’t always critical of his avian and human flockmates, but he sure is vocal about it when he is.

Conures are strange little parrots. Known for often being loud clowns, they’re also one of few parrots that will choose to rest on their backs or bellies. Rowdy has given multiple humans quite the shock as we check on this little old man while he’s resting – just don’t interrupt his nap or you’ll get an earful!

In a grumpy or gregarious mood, we love Rowdy just the way he is.

Rowdy is a Jenday Conure, a small parrot whose costs for food, medicine, and toys are approx. $25/month or $300 per year.  If you would like to contribute to his health and well-being, please click. Thank you! 

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