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The Family

Affectionately called “The Family,” Mama, Papa, Sweetpea, Brother Bear, and Gilly are a close-knit group of cockatiels that joined the MAARS flock in 2021. Occasionally bonds get shaken up when groups of cockatiels arrive – not so with The Family. They aren’t opposed to other cockatiels, but they aren’t particularly interested in them either.

Generally, a single cockatiel (or any single parrot) is missing out; their needs will not be adequately met by their human flock members. Exceptions exist but they’re truly rare – as highly social creatures, they need the companionship of other birds. They preen one another and dine together. They speak the same language and fully comprehend social cues. No one speaks cockatiel better than another cockatiel.

They are among the lucky cockatiels in captivity – they found other cockatiels they genuinely love and treasure one another’s companionship. Just like in families of other species, they bicker and have minor disagreements sometimes, but they’re uniquely suited to each others’ needs. They’re perfectly content with one another, and that’s all that matters to us.

Support The Family

The Family are cockatiels, small parrots whose costs for food, medicine, and toys are approx. $20/month each or $1200 per year. If you would like to contribute to The Family’s health and well-being, please click below. Thank You!