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Like many sun conures, Woodstock loves to dance. A favorite tune – Baby Shark – sends him bopping and bouncing around in bubbly conure fashion. Swaying and bobbing his head to the beat, he wriggles as if he’s possessed.

Many cockatiels are remarkable crooners. Cockatoos can get into (and out of) anything. Conures? Nobody can dance quite like a conure. Gently swaying in figure eights and bouncing like animated bobbleheads, conures undulate to a mysterious beat few humans can perceive.

Not particularly interested in humans, Woodstock jumped right into the conure flock, fitting in quickly. Sitting on a high perch surveying the room, snarfing down snacks with his buddies, or atop his enclosure dancing to his favorite tunes, he’s happy to have a flock of his own.

Woodstock is a Sun Conure, a small parrot whose costs for food, medicine, and toys are approx. $25/month or $300 per year.  If you would like to contribute to his health and well-being, please click. Thank you! 

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