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A Green-Winged Macaw parrot sitting on a branch inside with a mural painting of flowers, trees, and sky behind him. Apollo was returned to MAARS when his caretaker became ill.
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Apollo is MAARS’ October featured bird. He was returned to MAARS when his guardian developed significant health issues. Apollo had been a single bird for the last 10 years, so there has been a learning curve as he assimilates with the flock. He has a curious nature and goofy personality as big as his beak! No one sings opera quite as energetically as Apollo when he thinks no one is around. Several people have tried to catch him on camera, but he can be a little shy.

Apollo is a green wing macaw. He is a large parrot whose costs for food, toys, and medicine are about $60/month or $720/year. If you would like to contribute to his health and well being, no matter the amount, please click.