Close-up of an Umbrella Cockatoo, preening his back

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Oscar is an Umbrella Cockatoo with extensive health issues, including severe arthritis in his feet and a missing eye. Over the last...
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A close-up of a Moluccan Cockatoo's head and chest, with the chest covered by a fleece vest.

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Cowboy joined us from a sanctuary in Texas in 2005. Cowboy is a self-appointed supervisor, and whether it is a new volunteer...
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NanSun Conure, perched next to a bead toy, sleeping.

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Jax is a senior member of our Conure flock who had been in multiple homes. Little is known about Jax’s early years,...
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Gus is one of our original MAARS flock members. He enjoys his flock time and even after almost 20 years, Gus is...
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Close-up of a Goffin's Cockatoo

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Bizzy is a  playful, energetic, and incredibly intelligent cockatoo. These behaviors can lead to some dive-bombing of other birds or volunteers, whoever...
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