A close up of an Umbrella Cockatoo. Winston came to MAARS when another organization had too many challenges with him.

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Winston arrived earlier this year. He came to us to work on some typical Cockatoo behaviors that can lead to challenges. Winston...
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An extreme close-up of the face of a Citron Cockatoo

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Murphy came to MAARS as a surrender. He was adopted out and re-surrendered when the life situation of his new family changed,...
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A Bare-Eyed Cockatoo sitting at the edge of a flower pot on its side with parrot toys inside

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The “Corry Club” is an exclusive one. After coming from the Humane Society in 2008 with no history, Corry defined what life...
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A Moluccan Cockatoo standing on a stainless cart, looking directly at the camera

Support Miranda!

Miranda spent 18 years in one home, and he struggled enormously with the change when surrendered to MAARS. His unpredictability and self-stimulatory...
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An extremely close-up showing the top of beak and top of head of a Red-Lored Amazon.

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Davey the Red-Lored Amazon is our April featured bird. He joined our flock in 2007 and formed a wonderful bond that lasted...
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