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NanSun Conure, perched next to a bead toy, sleeping.
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Jax is a senior member of our Conure flock who had been in multiple homes. Little is known about Jax’s early years, but he came with MAARS when his last owner’s health declined. Jax has shown little of the person-directed aggressiveness he demonstrated in his previous homes, although he does find it amusing to land on volunteer’s heads, stomp around in their hair, and yell, “GOOD MORNING!” 

He and Bubbles have joined forces to take over the world to the resignation and mild alarm of the volunteers. Double Trouble.

Jax is a NanSun Conure, a small parrot whose costs for food, medicine, and toys are approx. $25/month or $300 per year. If you would like to contribute to Jax’s health and well-being, please click above. Thank You!