Support Philippe!

Philippe joined our flock in 2004. He refers to himself as “Bird” and many volunteers also call him Bird. He loves to...
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A close-up head-shot of an Umbrella Cockatoo

Support Gus U2!

Gus is one of our newest flock members. He joined us when his previous owner’s health declined. He is spending a great...
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Close-up of a Bare-Eyed Cockatoo with a blurred Umbrella Cockatoo in the background

Support Bogie!

Bogie is one of the longest members of the flock. She is silly and loves her Umbrella Cockatoos. She is a great...
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Close-up of an Umbrella Cockatoo, preening his back

Support Oscar!

Oscar is an Umbrella Cockatoo with extensive health issues, including severe arthritis in his feet and a missing eye. Over the last...
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A close-up of a Moluccan Cockatoo's head and chest, with the chest covered by a fleece vest.

Support Cowboy!

Cowboy joined us from a sanctuary in Texas in 2005. Cowboy is a self-appointed supervisor, and whether it is a new volunteer...
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