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“Hi Bizzy Boo Bear!” she shouts as she does a high-five and dives into a somersault on her perch. An energetic, mischievous Goffin’s, Bizzy knows how to engage the perfect level of ridiculous debauchery, brightening even the most humdrum sanctuary tasks.

Goffin’s cockatoos are the anarchists of the captive parrot world. Each bird has their own unique spin on how best to playfully antagonize their human and avian flockmates, and Bizzy is no exception – she knows exactly who to target, who will put up with her antics, and who will limit the shenanigans by enforcing the sanctuary rules. Whether she is relentlessly divebombing her favorite victims or sweetly stealing kisses from those she adores, Bizzy is a treasured member of the MAARS flock.

While you may think a small cockatoo could be easier to manage in captivity than a larger one, that isn’t exactly true. When grounded, Goffin’s have a real knack for the game of chase (at times showing no mercy to human feet), and when airborne there’s no limit to their depravity. Goffin’s can get into anything, anywhere, anytime. As she has matured, Bizzy is a bit less intense than she once was, but that doesn’t mean she won’t bust out the good stuff from time to time… just to keep us on our toes.

Never one to miss out on the fun, she’s sitting here helping write this, angling for attention by tweaking noses, flinging plastic beads high in the air with her foot, and doing the cutest “hell-ooooo” and “hi Bizzy Boo Bear” as she possibly can. Make no mistake: this delightful little cockatoo is a handful, but we love her to pieces.

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Bizzy is a Goffin’s Cockatoo; a medium-size parrot whose costs for food, toys, and medicine are approximately $45 per month or $540 per year. If you would like to contribute to her health and well-being, no matter the amount, please click.

Looking for treasure

Bizzy vs. the basket

Taking a bath


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Saying hello!


Checking out the veggies

Another bath!

Emptying the bucket with Sully

Sorting “mail”