It's time to RAISE the ROOF at MAARS!

It’s time to RAISE the ROOF at MAARS!

Since purchasing and moving into our new facility in 2009, MAARS has made tremendous strides towards improving both the interior and exterior of the building and sanctuary space. We are therefore able to insure the health and welfare of the MAARS Flock and create a healthy and hospitable work environment for staff and volunteers.

These improvements include:

  • lighting upgrades that are close to full spectrum through-out the facility;
  • room remodeling that improves Flock care and facility operations;
  • new flooring;
  • and a number of all the other things that make a building a home and a place you can call your own – painting, organizing, and decorating.

Early this year, the Landing’s roof developed a leak. To ensure the Flock’s health and make sure that the leak does not worsen and endanger their health and welfare we must begin immediate repairs to avert a larger problem and provide for a safe environment.

We are now calling on our friends & supporters to help; with your help we can RAISE the ROOF FOR THE FLOCK!

By participating in MAARS’ RAISE the ROOF Capital Improvement Fund you will help MAARS ensure that we will maintain our high standards for avian care and you will help to improve the lives of the close to 100 birds who call The Landing home.

By an amazing act of generosity, MAARS has a MATCHING DONOR for up to $10,000. This means that any dollar amount you give will be matched and is deeply appreciated! We have also secured a bid for this project, but work cannot start on this until sufficient funds have been raised which is why we need each and every one of you to contribute to this effort. Your donation will ensure health and safety for the entire flock at The Landing. We are asking all of our supporters to please act now and give generously to aid this crucial step in improving the safety and well-being of all who work at and reside in our facility.

Do you know that our MAARS’ sanctuary and programs are supported entirely by charitable donations? MAARS does not receive any funding from government, state, county or city sources. Please give generously to MAARS RAISE the ROOF Capital Improvement Fund today & help us ensure the highest care standards are met for all members of the MAARS flock. We cannot do this without your continued support.

The MAARS staff and Board of Directors would like to extend their sincere thanks to Dale MacLean for her incredible generosity in becoming our MATCHING DONOR for MAARS RAISE the ROOF Capital Improvement Fund.

With gratitude for your support,

Galiena Cimperman
Executive Director